Current Litter of Puppies

After several months of research, we made a decision to reach out to Andrea Forrest, of Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds to purchase one of her dogs for a breeding female. The Forrest family has been successful for many years in their selection of dogs for breeding focusing on hip and elbow health as well as eliminating other genetic disorders such as degenerative myopathy. They have strived and succeeded in producing a dog with a rock solid temperament that could be a member of a family as well as function as a working dog with the proper training. We purchased our female dog, Kora Belle Vom Waldenhaus, from them and have been happy with our decision. Her beauty as a strong pigmented black and red West German line is evident upon first seeing her. Her temperament and nerves of steel are the best of any German Shepherd that we have ever owned.

Our current breeding male, Ryker Vom Drache Feld, was purchased from world class German Shepherd breeding kennel, Drache Feld German Shepherds. Ryker was bred by professional international dog trainer, Charlie Starr. Drache Feld has high standards on their pedigrees as well as their health certifications. They utilize top German bloodlines known for producing good hips, confident temperaments, and high trainability. We are expecting a litter from Ryker and Belle on May, 2016! Please contact us for purchase or to reserve a puppy out of this litter.

Dam Kora Belle Vom Waldenhaus

* Kora Belle Vom Waldenhaus of Red Cedar Farm, Asheboro, NC *

Kora Belle Vom Waldenhaus is a beautiful female and has been OFA Certified on both her hips and elbows. She has been DNA cleared for DM. She is a large black and red female who has excelled in obedience training and tracking. Her sire is V Dierks Vom Haus Winheim and her grand sire is V-2 Mutz von der Piste Trophe SchH3, FH2, KKL1 a1. Mutz has produced a linage of dogs with a temperament that is phenomenal and an intelligence and stability that is exceptional. Belle carries these traits as well as the beauty and health guarantee of the Vom Waldenhaus dog. We are very happy to have her as part of our breeding program.

Sire Ryker Vom Drache Feld

* Sire Ryker Vom Drache Feld of Red Cedar Farm, Asheboro, NC *

Ryker Vom Drache Feld is a large black and red male and the son of VA Xenox Frankengold SCH3 and Gabi vom Schmetterholz SchH1. Xenox was the Vice Sieger at the NASS in 2011. His sire, VA1 Xbox Dei Precision SCHH 3, IPO3, Kkl 1, was the NASS Sieger champ in 2010. Both sire and grand sire are top producers and North American Vice Siegers. Xbox, was the North American Sieger champ, and his uncle VA3. Rykers’s phenomenal bloodlines are known for producing tight hips, good pigment, and super temperaments. Xenox is a superb producer and the North American Vice Sieger as well as one of the top 20 youth dogs at the German world Sieger show. His father, Xenox, produced the SG1 female at the USCA Sieger show, Ellie v. Haus Lucht.

Rykers pedigree produces big majestic dogs, with super coats, who are top imports and have proven to produce excellent progenies. Rykers mother, Gabi vom Schmetterholz SCHH1, was born and trained in Germany where she received her Schutzhund 1 title. Her father was VA2 in Spain and V16 in the German Sieger Show. Gabi’s grandfather was the famous VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos.

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